Frequently Asked Questions

What is FASTEC and how does it work?

Fastec is currently the most comfortable and most efficient snowboardbinding system on the market. Once you adjusted your binding to your boot you will never have to worry about the set up. It will always give you the right pressure at the right spots and you will be already riding while your friends still hassle around with their ratchet bindings.
The auto – release – system (ARS) makes the in and out really easy and fast. You can find out more about the FASTEC system in this clip: Easy In

What are the advantages of the FASTEC system?

Not that you simply safe time while getting in an out of your FASTEC bindings, it will also keep your boot in the same position every time. Pressurepoints and ratching are the past. Perfect performance and comfort on the highest level – for freestyle pros as for beginners and allrounders.

How can I adjust my FASTEC binding to my boot?

First step is to adjust the length of the straps by simply opening the Levers / Screws. If that won´t give you the space you need you will find a detailed tutorial here…

How do I mount my FASTEC bindings on my board?

First step is to open the footpad cover to reach the mounting disc. Then you choose your angle and stance. Easiest way is to gently screw the mounting screws on the board. Just make 2 or 2 turns with the screwdriver. Now you should be able to move the bindings around till you reach the position of your choice. Screw them tight, put the cover back on and you´re ready to go! Here you can find a tutorial clip….

How can I adjust the forward lean of the Highback?

With the FT1 highback you just have to open the Highback lever and you´ll find the adjustment screw underneath. Simply open it a bit, choose your forward lean and tighten it again. With the asymmetrical highback you find a tool less adjustment screw at the end of the cable.

Can I rotate the highback?

Yes, but this is only featured with the asymmetrical highback.

Why should I rotate my highback?

You don´t have to but some riders prefer it as it gives them more space to move and no pressure points.

Where can I find further technical support?

In the download section you find all the manuals for the different binding models.

Where can I get spareparts for my FASTEC binding

Use the FASTEC LOCATOR to find a local dealer!