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Snowboarding has become more selective than ever before. In order to live up to both the technical and comfort needs of the modern rider we developed the FASTEC binding system. Please feel free to check out the tutorial section for infos and adjustment instructions. If you need FASTEC spare parts or even just a helping hand – use the locator service to get in contact.

FT4 - setting a new quality standard in the medium pricerange!

[ 2012-Apr-23 ]

For the 12/13 season we added a new baseplate to our line, the FT4. The ultralight base construction offers an awesome flex, ramp dampening and all the great FASTEC features for a reasonable price!

proudly introducing you the new FT3

FT3 Preview
[ 2011-Sep-06 ]

Catch a glimpse at the newest model of the FASTEC family!
The FT3 will come with a brand new fibre base which offers a very nice flex though it will be perfectly responding to your needs. The full 2-component EVA ramps come with a rubber dampening which will be rounded up with a base buffer to provide non aching feet even after a long riding day.
FT3 will be available in 3 men and 2 women sizes!

For a perfect fit

[ 2010-Apr-02 ]

FASTEC offers you a big range of various straps – asymmetrical, soft-padded and well designed for maximum comfort and best performance.

micro.buckle 2010/2011

[ 2010-Mar-31 ]

If you ever feel you have to change the pressure on your ankle quickly – with our all new micro buckle nothing could be easier. By lifting the buckle you can add a few ladder positions in no time at all without any hassle. Perfect for exerting that last bit of extra pressure before heading toward a monster kicker!